The Most Interesting Title Race for Betting?


If you are a fan of football, you will have seen that the big leagues have just returned or are about to. Any sports enthusiast who appreciates high-level games will be glad to know that A games are back on track. Aside from being some great entertainment during the trying times the world is going through, online sports betting is about to go through the roof. Professional punters and betting enthusiasts alike are looking forward to the coming months of A level sports and the opportunity to make great money. If you enjoy the latter, check out the beste online casino to try your luck. Let’s take a look at the most interesting title races that will be coming up.

The Best Upcoming Title Races for Sports Betting in 2020

Bayern Munich Are on Route to Win Another Bundesliga Title

In the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich shows top-notch performance and has managed to secure their road to winning the champion title. Sports betting news outlets are excited about what is going to happen in the top 4 of the league. Borussia, Leipzig, and Leverkusen are in an intriguing three-way tussle. There are no clear winners in this trio, as all teams have been stuttering in their successes from the start of the season. No single favorite will make for great matches that look like they will be head-to-head races. When it comes to sports betting calculators, Leverkusen is seen to have the easiest run-in and the most promising odds.

Internazionale Are on the Chase for Juventus

In Italy’s Serie A, Internazionale has made their way to be the strongest contender to the ever-shining Juventus. The teams are separated by merely one point, but Internazionale has a serious chance of becoming Italy’s number one team. Whether or not Juventus be taken down from their throne is going to make for some exciting matches to watch in Serie A.


Intrigue in the Premier League

The dust has only just settled from the 2019/2020 season in the English Premier League after Liverpool managed to win the title. Despite finishing 18 points behind Liverpool in the last season, bookmakers have priced Manchester City as the favorite to secure the title in 2020/21. According to the bookies, it may make for some intrigue as Liverpool, the defending champion, is calculated to have only a 34.8 percent chance of keeping the title. However, all of them are sure of one thing – the 2020/21 season in English football will be an absolute belter and is arguably the most interesting league to keep your eyes on.

Some of the most exciting football matches will take place in the German, Italian, and English leagues. Bayern Munich is quite sure to make the title in the Bundesliga, and only the top 4 remains to unfold. The Serie A brings a little more spice, as Juventus has Internazionale stepping on their heels point-wise. The Premier League will start with a clean plate, and that is as exciting as it gets. What better time to get on your best sports betting apps and lay down your bets? If you have any sports betting tips for the upcoming title races, please share them in the comments below. We are excited to see what you think!

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