Different Breeds of Gamefowl for Cockfight

Some of the finest breeds of the rooster are used in cockfighting matches that are streamed high-definition video through the e-sabong online platform. You can deposit directly in the portal for placing a bet and can withdraw instantly without involving any mediator. But, placing a bet, you must know which breed of gamefowl possesses the most fighting prowess. Each breed of fighting rooster comes with unique characteristics and chronological significance.

American gamefowl are known for their belligerent fighting spirit. They are daring and persistent fighters with large to medium-sized, well-muscled bodies and long, powerful legs. This pedigree of gamefowl comes in different colors: red, brown, grey, and black, with an upright position, muscular chest, and robust wings. In the ring, they inflict powerful blows on opponents with pointed beaks and claws. The government of the Philippines or President Bongbong Marcos, through the PNP, has put a ban on traditional fights, so the online game has become popular. 


Asil, aka Aseel, is a thoroughbred characterized by a muscular and powerful body. They are distinguished by their prominent neck, wide chest, and well-formed legs. This breed is used in cockfighting for its unbeaten valor and combativeness; in close-range fights, they target the head and neck of another rooster. With their razor-sharp beak and powerful claws, they deliver deadly blows to opponents that devastate the rooster within minutes. 


The Kelso breed originated in the US. The rooster has a medium-sized body with striking feathers. Their combat style is intuitive and tactical. Their agility and speed overwhelm the opponent rooster. With lightning speed, they deliver blows to vulnerable parts of the neck and head of the enemy rooster. The sweater is another breed of gamefowl used in cockfighting with powerful legs and a well-toned body. This pedigree is renowned for its swift, relentless combat style; it averts an attack by speedy movement and counterattack with precise, powerful blows. Their intelligent fighting style, coupled with agility and speed, makes them a formidable opponent in the ring. 


Hatch is another gamefowl from the US characterized by a smooth, medium-sized body with a powerful, pronounced neck and straight posture. They come in different tones but are distinguished by their vivid, attractive plumage. Hatch roosters are hard-core fighters who use their durable stamina to outwit their opponent. This breed is capable of both short and long-range combat. Roundhead rooster is also derived from the US, distinguished by their typical round head and dazzling watchful eyes. They are known for their clever strategic combat style with accurate, calculated blows. Blueface rooster, as the name suggests, is distinguished by its blue tone face and comes in multiple color mishmash. This medium-sized rooster is known for its endurance and can stand prolonged fights. This genus of roosters exhibits outstanding courage during cockfights.

Ultimate one 

The flight usually occurs in the cockpit or sabungero. Rooster breeds with inherent endurance power can withstand prolonged combats without exhausting. Hatch, Asil, Shamo, and Malay are known for their readiness to fight to the death and their endurance and hostile nature. These species are distinguished by strong chests, powerful legs, and sharp beaks. Sweater and brown-red roosters are known for their persistent attacks, deadly blows, and for aggressive combat style. The asil breed is mostly used in cockfights for its agility, speed, and power.  

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