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Welcome to Bettingster.com, your resources on online betting, online casino, online gambling, sports betting, horse racing and more! If you are a freelance writer and interested in writing articles related to online casino, gambling, online gaming, sports betting, horse racing etc., we accept guest postings and you can submit articles to us.

Write for Us on Casino & Gambling

We accept guest posts on our website. You can contribute articles to our blog by becoming a guest writer. You can write for us if you are a freelance writer, an internet marketing professional, or work for a casino or betting organization.

There are some benefits when you write for us. When you write for us on topics such as casino, gambling and betting, we will publish your post with a link to your website or blog. Targeted traffic is always better than non-targeted traffic. When we publish your blog post, it will be seen by our readers. People who are interested in what we publish might be interested in your service or product as well.

To write for on our blog related to casinos and betting, you can choose from many topics, for example: "How to play casinos online?", "What is the best online casino to play?", "Online casino bonuses", "How to play poker online" and many others.

Write for Us: Guest Posting Guidelines

To write for us, please make sure your guest posting article meets the following requirements:

  • To write for us, your guest posting article must to related to online gambling, online betting, online casino, online gaming, sports betting etc.
  • To write for us, your article must have unique contents and should not have been published before.
  • Make sure your guest posting article is well written and without typos and grammar errors.
  • Your guest posting article must be longer than 500 words.

Write for Us: How to Contact Us

If your are interested in writing for us, please contact us to discuss the possibility of guest posting on casino, gambling and sports betting etc.:

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